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Some of the projects and cases ASDO has been involved with. Creating a brighter future, together.


Off Grid Electric

Off Grid Electric (OGE) is a ground-breaking company delivering solar power for families and businesses based in Tanzania, Rwanda with the recent expansion to the Ivory Coast.

OGE was one of the first organizations to offer pay-as-you-go solar home systems, which made basic electricity services (such as clean, bright light and phone charging) accessible to the poorest for as little as USD 0.19 a day. OGE’s work benefits numerous groups, including young men and women in Tanzania and Rwanda. Through the OGE Academy, the company now employs over 900 local people, almost all of whom are between 18 and 24 years old and 43% of whom are women. This is a catalytic source of private employment in economies with upwards of 35% unemployment for this demographic.

OGE have raised $170M+ since inception

Sector: Power distribution (solar)

Country / Region: Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Tanzania


Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids is a fashion brand committed to impact through sustainable fashion. They serve some of the most vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken and distressed environments around the world.

They provide women with teaching and training to enhance their knowledge within fashion as well as providing program services to ensure that they stay on a sustainable path out of poverty. As a result of their strong impact, the women are capable to care for their families. Children have the opportunity to receive a higher level of education and whole generations are impacted through the employment of their mothers.

Sector: Textiles & Fashion

Country / Region: Gulu, Uganda

Annual revenue on $4M+

Krochet Kids “This Is Empowerment”


Pearl Capital Partners

Pearl Capital Partners (PCP) is an impact investment firm investing between US$250,000 and US$2.5 million in growing agricultural small and medium-sized businesses in East Africa, typically using a combination of equity, quasi-equity, equity-related and debt investments, delivering relative to the sectors, top quarterly financial returns to investors, while creating significant positive social impact on smallholder farmers.

They have just launched their 4th Impact Fund, the Yield Uganda Investment Fund, devoted to small and growing agribusinesses with a total committed amount of €12m. The Fund is anchored by €10m from the European Union (EU) through the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and €2m committed by the National Social Security Fund Uganda (NSSF).

Sector: Agriculture

PCP's Total Funding Amount: $70M+

Country / Region: East Africa


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