Who we are

ASDO is a trusted partner in creating sustainable solutions to transform the lives of vulnerable women and children.

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Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.”


A mission to create more sustainable & thriving communities for women and children


A future worth fighting for

African Sustainable Development Office (ASDO) partner with exceptional public and private sector organisations who believe in the power of business and investment, to create significant social and environmental change for our planet and the communities we serve.

A different type of investment: We are proving that investments focusing on tackling some of the largest societal challenges also creates commercial value.


Supporting and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty.

Empowering women in their fight for economic inclusion.

Creating ways for children to obtain prosperity and a better future.


Economic Empowerment

Shortfalls in imperative rights such as sexual and reproductive rights have multiplied other forms of discrimination, depriving women of education and decent work. 

We can change that by helping women achieve stability and security, we will provide them with the critical foundation needed to climb out of poverty.

Children First

We are seeking strong sustainable solutions to create a pathway for children and adolescents to transform their lives. A journey leading to growth and long term sustainability. 

By investing in the betterment households, we can make a real change in the world. Research shows that a child who comes from a family with 5 years of education has 40% higher chance of survival.



We are frequent speakers at investment conferences globally.

We value the opportunity to engage in thought leader discussions at conferences and roundtable discussions.

Working together for a brighter future

Impact through entrepreneurship

We have recognised that the path to achieve sustainability and tackle poverty is through collaboration. We must work together to solve some of the world’s largest problems.

Investing and scaling up entrepreneurs and SMEs with strong financial track records, that are solving real-world problems. We build sustainable communities.

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